It’s not uncommon for homeowners to outgrow their homes. In most cases, it’s probably even expected. Growing families and the possessions that come with them, plus an increasing desire to telecommute are a few reasons why a person’s home might be feeling a bit cramped these days. When space is officially maxed out, a homeowner can decide to either sell their house and relocate their family to a new neighborhood, or build an addition. Building a home addition offers homeowners the stability of staying where they are and is less expensive than buying a new home and moving.

Our design-build process makes taking the first step of building a home addition easy and exciting. Whether it’s a garage for additional storage, or a larger kitchen for entertaining, Gavin Remodeling, Inc., can design that new space with your needs in mind so you and your family can enjoy.

Aging in Place

The idea of aging in place is a relatively new housing trend. As a growing portion of the population approach retirement age, many adults are choosing to make modifications to their homes in order to continue living as comfortably and as independently as possible.

Since each person’s needs and living environment are different, it’s helpful to first conduct a room-by-room assessment to determine what modifications are necessary to ensure safety, accessibility and adaptability. For example, can a senior get in and out of their shower safely? Are items within easy reach in their kitchen? Does any existing carpeting pose a tripping hazard, or interfere with the use of a walker or wheelchair?

Aging in place can be done, but it is a decision that requires some planning. As a certified aging in place specialist, Gavin Remodeling, Inc., can help you and your family members prepare for the changes in your life and your environment.